The Conference “Enlivening Autistic Withdrawals — A Psychoanalytic Perspective” is organised by the Polish Society for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and the Frances Tustin Memorial Trust. We would like this event to be an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences within a psychotherapeutic community as well as a wider environment, including all those involved in helping and working with autistic people.

Hopefully, this Conference will enable the participants to learn (or to learn more) about the psychoanalytic understanding of autism and what the autistic state of mind is. Psychoanalysts from all over the world, working with both adults and children, will share their knowledge and experience. The theory of Frances Tustin will serve us as the starting point for our discussions.

The first Frances Tustin Memorial Trust conference was held in London, England in October of 2004, shortly after Frances Tustin’s death. Following this initial conference several international conferences were held by the Frances Tustin Memorial Trust: in Caen, France in April of 2005; in Venice, Italy in October of 2006; at The IPA Congress in Berlin, Germany in July of 2007; in Tel-Aviv, Israel in May of 2008; in Berlin, Germany in 2010; in Sydney, Australia in 2012; and in Boston, MA, USA in 2014. Since 2014 there has been no conference because of the changes in the structure of the Frances Tustin Memorial Trust, the transfer to Israel and later because of the delays due to covid restrictions.