§ 1. General Regulations

1.8th Frances Tustin International Conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland on June 24 – 26, 2022.
2.Co-organisers of the Conference include:

Frances Tustin Memorial Trust

18 Landau st. Qiryat Ono 5555118, Israel

Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoterapii Psychoanalitycznej, hereinafter referred to as PTPP,

ul. Złota 9/8, 00-019 Warszawa

3.The administrator of personal data obtained through an online application form is Polskie Towarzystwo Psychoterapii Psychoanalitycznej, ul. Złota 9/8,00-019 Warszawa
4.Participants of the Conference are persons who have registered using the online application form, paid the valid Conference fee – in accordance with the fee schedule – and therefore accepted the Regulations and agreed to the processing of their personal data for the needs of Conference organization, i.e. assisting Participants, registering Participants, printing ID badges and personal certificates of attendance, as well as issuing invoices for the Conference fee.
5.The official Conference website is:
The website contains detailed information about the Conference – differentiated Conference fees and payment dates. There are also contact details for persons responsible for the organization of the Conference. The official contact e-mail address is:
6.The provisions of these Regulations constitute an integral part of the application for participation in the Conference and are obligatory for all Participants.
7.The registration through the Conference website is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations, to the consent to the processing of data necessary for the organization of the Conference, and to the commitment to comply with the rules of procedure and any other arrangements made between The Participant and the Organizer.
8.The registration date for the Conference is specified on the website. A person registering for the Conference is obliged to fill in the registration form by providing correct, authentic data.
9.The Organizer is not responsible for any damages resulting from the Participant’s entering incorrect data into the registration form.

§ 2. Rules for participation and cancellation of participation

1. The conditions for participation in the Conference include:
1) registration only by the online application form
2) payment of the Conference fee via the online payment system
2. Credit card transactions are carried out through the PayPal service and in accordance with the applicable bank terms and conditions which are thus accepted by each Participant using this payment method.
3. The number of Participants is limited. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.
4. Each Participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
5. The cost of stay and travel is covered by the Participant him/herself.
6. The Conference fee covers catering, i.e. lunch as well as snacks and drinks during coffee breaks.
7. Any Participant unable to attend the Conference may transfer his or her right to participate to another person instead of her/himself or receive Conference materials (speakers’ papers) by traditional mail.
8. The Organizer has a right to change the speakers.
9. The Organizer has a right to change the date of the Conference due to force majeure (decisions of the national government and other institutions, natural disaster, strikes, atmospheric conditions, etc.).
1)Clinical materials presented at the Conference are confidential.
2)It is forbidden to record clinical materials and lectures on digital media.


§ 3. Fees and payment terms and conditions

1.The Conference fee amounts to:

ParticipantsMarch 15th,
From March 16th,
From May 16th,
Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuana, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine225 euros260 euros305 euros
Other countries290 euros320 euros350 euros
PTPP members/candidates200 euros230 euros280 euros
FTMT members260 euros290 euros315 euros
Parallel sessions speakers108 euros125 euros150 euros
Pre-Conference clinical seminars45 euros
Gala Dinner60 Euro
Toursfinal price will depend on the number of participants

2.Payments should be made via the online payment system provided on the Conference website.
3.The registration form should be filled in prior to making the online payment.
4.Invoices are issued and sent after the payment is entered in the books. In case of any questions regarding the matter, the PTPP secretary should be contacted at
5.Until 31 March 2022 it is possible to cancel your attendance and to be refunded the fee paid. After this date it is possible to cancel your attendance and to be refunded the fee paid only due to having COVID-19 (confirmed by a positive test result) or being unable to come to Poland in case the country of origin or Poland suspends travels to/from Poland. Otherwise the Conference fee is non-refundable after 31 March 2022. Participants from abroad canceling their attendance following the terms and conditions included in this item will have been refunded their fees within 14 days of the submission of such a request at . The refunded amount will be reduced by the cost of an international bank transfer.
6.Each Participant has a right to cancel his or her participation in the Gala Dinner and be refunded the fee by 30 April 2022. After this date the Gala Dinner fee is non-refundable.
7.In case of payment by credit card, the refund will be made directly to the card after the Participant indicates the account number. In case of international transfers also SWIFT and IBAN numbers should be provided.
8.If the Particpant decided to cancel his or her participation in the Conference he or she should send the information to the Organizer to the e-mail address specified at the official website. The e-mail should contain the data necessary for the transfer (account number, SWIFT and IBAN).
9.The Participant will receive confirmation that the cancellation has been accepted by e-mail.
10.In case of the fee is being returned, the Organiser is not responsible for possible transfer costs or administrative costs charged by the recipient bank nor for possible costs resulting from exchange rate differences.
11.Conference fees and payment terms and conditions are available on the Conference website.

§ 4. Conference materials

1.Each Participant will receive Conference materials containing the speakers’ papers.
2.Each Participant will receive a paper version of the clinical material to be used during the Conference. Clinical material presented during the Conference is strictly confidential. Each Participant confirms by signature that he or she received the clinical mterial and is obliged to return it to the Organizers after the clinical presentation is finished.

§ 5. Claims

1.Possible claims from the Conference Participants against the Organizers should be submitted by registered letter to the PTPP address.
2.Claims can be filed within 14 days after the end of the Conference.
3.After the above deadline, no claims will be considered.

§ 6. Conference Participants data processing and security rules

1.All Participants’ personal data are processed in order to organize the Conference and assist the Participants. After the end of the Conference, data are stored for the purpose of possible control as data of contractors for 5 full settlement periods after the end of the year of when the Conference was organized. Mainling data obtained on the basis of an additional consent will be stored until the consent is withdrawn.
2.PTPP applies all necessary procedures to ensure the security of personal data collected, in accordance with the general principles of personal data protection and confidentiality of information.
3.More detailed information on the processing and storage of personal data is contained in the personal data processing clause available on the Conference website.

§ 7. Final provisions

1.Any disputes that may arise from Participation in the Conference will be resolved by the Court having jurisdiction over the registered office of PTPP.
2.Each Participant is fully financially responsible for any damage he or she causes including damage to the premises where any activities related to the Conference are conducted.
3.In matters not included in these Regulations, the provisions of the Polish Civil Law shall apply.