Dr. Mariângela Mendes de Almeida is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, M.A. by the Tavistock Clinic/University of East London, Doctorate by UNIFESP, Brasil, on Paediatrics and Psychoanalysis. Clinical Associate at the Child and Family Department, Tavistock Clinic, Child Psychotherapy Course, including participation in the Autism Workshop (1988 to 1993). Co-founder and coordinator, for ten years, of a Day-Unit for autistic children in São Paulo. Currently training at the Institute of the Brazilian Psychoanalytic Society of São Paulo (SBPSP), Research Fellow and member of Cocap, IPA. Head of a Parents-Infants Early Intervention Service. Member of GPPA (Prisma Group on Psychoanalysis and Autism) and INSPIRA (International Symposium for Psychoanalytic Interregional Research on Autistic Disorders). Brazilian and international publications in journals and chapters in books on primitive states and autistic functioning, having co-organized Looking and Listening – Work from the São Paulo Mother-Baby Relationship Study Centre, with Mélega and Leite da Costa, by Karnac, 2012 and Infância, vínculos e diversidade profissional with Silva, by Blucher, 2019, besides GPPA’s publications on psychoanalysis of children with autism, Ed. Zagodoni 2014 and Ed. Europa, 2018.