Suzanne Maiello, PhD is a Psychoanalyst and a Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapist. She is a Founder Member and a former President of AIPPI (Italian Association of Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy); a member of AIPA/IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology) and of ACP (Association of Child Psychotherapists, Tavistock Section, UK). She is a faculty member of AIPPI Postgraduate Training in Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy, Rome and Milan, of Master in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies, Tavistock/University of Essex, UK and of Postgraduate Training in Psychoanalytic Child Psychotherapy, Istanbul. Between 1978 and 1980 she was in supervision with Frances Tustin (treatment of an autistic child). In 1997, she was awarded the first International Frances Tustin Memorial Prize. She is an editor and a co-author of books and an author of over 100 publications in the leading journals of psychoanalytic child psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. She is a member of the International Advisory Boards of European psychoanalytic journals. Her main areas of interest include prenatal auditory and kinaesthetic experience and memory, prenatal protomental development, as well as a relation between early trauma and autistic spectrum disorder. She lives and runs her practice in Rome, Italy.